Studio Reviews

Read what people are saying about the studio.


“Stephanie is a wonderful instructor who has a great way of connecting with the kids and making her classes both instructional and fun. My children have been learning piano with Stephanie for over a year now and they are thoroughly enjoying it. I highly recommend Stephanie for anyone who is looking for a well rounded piano experience, both theory and practice.”

-Ingo I.


“Stephanie is very professional, patient and knowledgeable! My daughter loves having her as her piano teacher.”

-Ritu M.


“We love that she can come to our home! And she does a great job tuning in to each one of my kids individually…their learning styles and tastes, etc.. She is very kind and encouraging. Would highly recommend her!”

-Amy E.


“She is great teacher, very professional and kind, my daughter love her and enjoy every class.”

-Lina V.


“Stephanie Martin has taught our daughter piano for almost two years now. My daughter has provided me with the following feedback when asked what do you like about taking lessons from Stephanie: ‘She provides easy to understand step-by-step instructions, provides in-depth reviews/clear directions, makes me feel comfortable, and is always joyful and happy.’ We’ve seen incredible strides in our daughter’s musical abilities thanks to Stephanie. Stephanie Martin is a true musical professional and talent. We are very pleased with her services and dedication she provides our daughter. Stephanie provides a premium service, instructions, and is a model teacher. If all musical instructors were like Stephanie, we would have more kids embracing both music and piano.”

-Jason S.


About Piano Lessons with Stephanie

If you’d like to know more about my piano studio, here are some details that may interest you.

-The studio was opened in April 2015, and has ranged from 15 to 38 students. I currently teach part-time with 17 students.

-Prior to opening this studio, I taught at 4 different music stores in Tampa Bay from 2012-2015.

-I can provide lessons in students’ homes or my home.

-I am accepting new students primarily in Zephyrhills, Dade City, Temple Terrace, and New Tampa.

-I organize at least one recital every year, which provides the students a great opportunity to learn performance skills.

-The focus of the lessons is twofold: to provide an excellent musical education, and to help students tap into the fun side of music.

If you would like more information about the studio, please contact me at 504-944-9720.

Signing Up for Lessons

Thank you for your interest in piano lessons! Here is the basic information you need to know in order to sign up for lessons with me.


Tuition rates:

-20 minute weekly lessons–$60/month

-30 minute weekly lessons–$8o/month

-45 minute weekly lessons–$120/month

-60 minute  weekly lessons–$160/month

Materials fee (covers cost of all books, copies, and recital costs): $5/month

Travel fee: $10/month minimum (increases depending on your distance from me)

Total for 30-minute weekly lessons: $95 per month


Your first lesson is free. I offer a trial lesson for free so that prospective students can decide if they’d like to enroll.

Availability and Scheduling

When I schedule a new student for weekly lessons, I take into account several things: the distance to the student’s house, travel time from the previous student’s house to the next student’s house, and other factors. Your lesson may be scheduled for 3 pm, but it could also be scheduled for a time like 3:10 or 3:15 pm, based on travel time for me as the teacher. I will be straightforward and specific about the lesson time when scheduling the lesson with the parents.

How the Lessons Work

I teach lessons exclusively in students’ homes. In a typical 30-minute lesson, we will go over the student’s songs, music theory homework, and do fun exercises to reinforce the student’s musical growth. We will also play musical games that involve rhythm and music listening. I write down the student’s weekly assignments in a notebook for the student, provide any incentives the student has earned, and conclude the lesson.

If if you have more questions for me, feel free to contact me at 504-944-9720 or

My Studio Policy Statement

Clear communication is very important between teachers and parents. Here, I disclose my studio policy statement, which gives all the details about how piano lessons will be conducted. This document is handed to prospective parents to review and sign, when they sign up for lessons. If you are interested in piano lessons, but have a question about this statement, feel free to contact me at 504-944-9720, or

Stephanie Martin Piano Studio

Policy Statement

Welcome to the studio. I am excited to start our musical journey together. Please carefully read the studio policies, come to me with any questions you may have, and provide your signature below. I am eager to help your child learn, grow, and celebrate the gift of music.

Tuition and Fees


There is a monthly $5 fee that provides all the student’s materials. This includes:

-Music books

-Stickers for competed assignments

-Candy for consistent weekly practice

-Prizes for excellent work

-A spiral notebook to hold student’s weekly practice assignments

-Binders and folders for sheet music

-Sheet protectors

-Copies of supplemental piano pieces


Due to the cost of gas and wear and tear on the instructor’s vehicle, there is a monthly travel fee for in-home lessons. The fee starts at $10 per month and may increase depending on the distance to the student’s house.


The cost of tuition for one month of 30-minute lessons is $80. This stays the same regardless of how many weeks are in the month. Some months may have five weeks, and some months may have holidays which cause us to miss lessons. Together, these exceptions average out to be roughly four weeks per month, which is why the tuition will stay the same from month to month.

The full month’s tuition is due at the first lesson of every month, along with the travel fee and material fee.

The tuition covers many activities, including:

-Enjoyable pieces from a trusted method book

-Supplemental songs that the student requests

-Solid music theory education

-Technical exercises that are challenging and fun

-Musical games that reinforce essential concepts, such as rhythm


-Musical quizzes

-Preparation for an annual recital

Late payments

On the last lesson of the month, parents will receive an invoice for the following month. Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month. For example, parents will receive an invoice for October’s tuition at the last lesson in September. At the first lesson in October, the monthly tuition is due.

If tuition is not paid by the 7th of the month, it is considered late, and a $20 late fee is assessed. If the parents know their child will have to miss the first lesson of the month, they have two options to avoid the late fee: 1) Pay next month’s tuition in advance at a current lesson, or 2) mail in the tuition.

Cancellations and Make-up Lessons

Lessons that are cancelled 24 hours before the lesson can be rescheduled, as the instructor’s availability permits. If a lesson is cancelled after the 24-hour mark, there will be no make-up lesson or tuition credit available.

Due to the distance between the instructor’s and student’s homes, make-up lessons may be offered in blocks of time on a particular day (e.g., Saturday at 12:00-2:00 pm). The instructor will notify the student’s parents as to when this make-up day will occur. If the student is unable to schedule a make-up lesson in the block of time made available, the student may need to forfeit their make-up.

Make-up lessons will be made available within sensible limits. If a student misses a substantial amount of lessons and requests an excess of make-ups, he may not receive them.

Practice Habits

Consistent practice is essential to students’ musical improvement. Also, parental involvement is critical for students to develop reliable practice routines. The recommended practice amount is thirty minutes per day, five days per week. For students age five and under, the recommendation is twenty minutes per day, five days per week. If a student commits to consistent practice, his musical skills will grow exponentially. Incentives are provided to students who practice diligently.

Regarding In-home Lessons

Due to commute time and traffic, the instructor may be 5-10 minutes late to the lesson.

To create an optimal learning atmosphere, the instructor requests that loud electronics such as TV and video games be turned off during the lesson. Also, other possible distractions such as siblings, pets, etc. should be removed from the area where lessons take place.


In the same way that most professions have two weeks of paid vacation during the year, the instructor takes off the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lessons will not be provided during those two weeks. Tuition for November and December will be full price, owing to the monthly tuition rate policy.

For other holidays such as New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Halloween, the instructor will schedule certain days to make up any lessons that fall on the holiday. Students are required to either attend a lesson on these make-up days, or miss the make-up opportunity and pay for the full month’s tuition. There will be no credits provided for holidays.

Lessons are provided and encouraged during the summer. If the instructor plans to be out of town at any point during the year, she will notify the student’s parents in a timely manner and provide a credit for any missed lessons.

Termination of Lessons

Although it is a rare occurrence, the instructor reserves the right to discontinue a student’s lessons if substantial problems occur. Failure to follow instructions, failure to practice, failure to pay tuition, safety concerns, and other issues of this nature may provide cause for terminating lessons. If the instructor terminates the lessons, a refund may not be provided depending on the circumstances. Students are required to give 30 days’ notice for ending their lessons.

Contact Information

Parents are encouraged to contact the instructor with any questions or concerns you may have. Open communication is highly valued. Please feel free to email, call, or text between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.


Phone: 504-944-9720

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.

Studio Agreement

I have received, read, and agreed to the policies of Stephanie Martin Piano Studio.

Parent’s Signature __________________________________________________

Date ____________________________

A Sample Lesson

Are you curious about what is involved in a piano lesson with me? Here are some of the concepts and materials I usually cover with my students.

-One or more songs from a trusted method book, such as Alfred, Bastien, Faber and Faber, or Thompson

-A piano scale and set of chords that are appropriate to the student’s age and development

-Supplemental songs that the student is interested in (e.g., songs from Frozen, classic Disney movies, pop or hip hop artists, and any other musical styles the student enjoys)

-One to two pages from a solid music theory curriculum, to help the student learn important musical concepts

-Fun, easy note-naming quizzes

-Musical flashcards


-The music listening game–I play an excerpt of a Classical piece, and the student has to determine the mood, emotions, and tone of the piece

-The rhythm game–student has to guess certain musical rhythms to win

-Incentives, such as stickers for completed songs, candy for consistent practice, and occasional prizes for excellent work

We will cover most if not all of these materials, discuss how much the student practiced during the week, set new practice goals if need be, and write down the student’s weekly assignments in their piano notebook. I will offer the incentives that the student has earned, and that will complete the lesson.

I am open to new ideas and students’ suggestions for lesson activities as well. Feel free to contact me for more information. You can call or text 504-944-9720, or email me at

Scheduling for Lessons

If you are interested in signing up for piano lessons, I typically teach on Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00 pm. The days and times are subject to change periodically. If you are looking for piano lessons on a different day than this, please contact me to inquire about other openings. You can reach me at 504-944-9720. Thank you!

Our December 2016 Recital

This December, we held our holiday recital at the Woodmont Country Clubhouse in Temple Terrace. All the students did such an excellent job–I was very proud! Among the pieces performed were holiday classics like Deck the Halls and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Other pieces included “Linus and Lucy” (the theme from Charlie Brown) and “All of Me” by the Piano Guys. We enjoyed cake, cookies and lemonade after the recital, and there was a chance for all the families to visit. Here’s to another enjoyable recital! We hope to organize a more casual spring concert in April.


June Recital a Success

We completed our June recital a few weeks ago–every student did a beautiful job! I am so proud of their hard work and determination. A few highlights were “The Swan” by Saint-Saens, “Allentown” by Billy Joel, and “Knecht Rupert” by Schumann. All of my students have grown so much musically this school year; it was wonderful to see their efforts pay off! We held the recital at the Alafia Village assisted living center in Brandon, FL. The residents and families alike enjoyed cake and lemonade after the performance. Here’s to another school year completed! Below is our group of students.

june recital 3

June Recital Coming Up

I am excited to hear my students perform in their second recital of the year, our June recital. It will be held on June 11, at a nursing home. We have nearly 20 students performing in this event! The program will include works by:

  • Schumann
  • Saint-Saens
  • Handel
  • Billy Joel

And many others. I am so proud of everyone’s hard work! It should be an enjoyable experience for the residents and performers.

Recital Fun

Last December, we performed a Christmas recital at an assisted living center in Brandon. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone, including the residents! Here is the group of students who performed.


My students played an array of Christmas songs that were really enjoyable. We had a small group for this recital. However, the program for our upcoming spring recital includes around 25 students! My students are getting excited as they prepare some special pieces to share. I am so proud of their hard work and willingness to share their music with others!

Piano Lessons for Adults

In the spectrum of students I have taught, my adult students have been some of my favorites! Piano lessons for adults are a bit different from children’s lessons, both because of maturity level and motivation. Because my adult students usually have a specific idea of what they’d like to get out of their lessons, my curriculum for them is flexible, and is based on their interests. Here is a general idea of some of the concepts I can include in piano lessons for adults.

Each lesson follows this general format:

-One or more songs from a trusted method book, such as Alfred or Bastien

-Exercises to increase dexterity and speed, such as Hanon or Czerny exercises

-Piano scale and chord progression, appropriate to student’s skill level

-A supplemental song that the student requests (pop, rock, etc.)

-1-2 pages of theory work, if needed

-Sight reading

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me at or 504-944-9720.