A Sample Lesson

Are you curious about what is involved in a piano lesson with me? Here are some of the concepts and materials I usually cover with my students.

-One or more songs from a trusted method book, such as Alfred, Bastien, Faber and Faber, or Thompson

-A piano scale and set of chords that are appropriate to the student’s age and development

-Supplemental songs that the student is interested in (e.g., songs from Frozen, classic Disney movies, pop or hip hop artists, and any other musical styles the student enjoys)

-One to two pages from a solid music theory curriculum, to help the student learn important musical concepts

-Fun, easy note-naming quizzes

-Musical flashcards


-The music listening game–I play an excerpt of a Classical piece, and the student has to determine the mood, emotions, and tone of the piece

-The rhythm game–student has to guess certain musical rhythms to win

-Incentives, such as stickers for completed songs, candy for consistent practice, and occasional prizes for excellent work

We will cover most if not all of these materials, discuss how much the student practiced during the week, set new practice goals if need be, and write down the student’s weekly assignments in their piano notebook. I will offer the incentives that the student has earned, and that will complete the lesson.

I am open to new ideas and students’ suggestions for lesson activities as well. Feel free to contact me for more information. You can call or text 813-370-9529, or email me at stephaniemartinpianist@yahoo.com.


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