Hello! My name is Stephanie Martin, and I am an enthusiastic, committed piano teacher in the Tampa Bay area. I hold my B.A. in Music from Florida College, where I performed extensively as a soloist, pianist with the String Quintet, and accompanist. I have played the piano for nineteen years, and I have been teaching since 2012. My teaching experience includes employment at four different music stores in Tampa Bay. Now, I teach independently and offer piano lessons in students’ homes. I am classically trained in piano performance techniques and music theory, and therefore seek to provide a solid musical foundation for my students’ education. However, I also believe in diversifying my students’ repertoire, and exploring any musical genre they are interested in! The age of my students has ranged from 4 to mid-80s. I am happy to teach beginner level to intermediate level.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved music of all types and genres. Now, my passion is to share that love of music with my students. My goals as a teacher are to make every student feel special, to provide an excellent musical education, and to help my students have fun! I look forward to getting to know each new student, and exploring the fascinating world of music with them.


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