Three Benefits of Taking Summer Lessons

Hello and happy 4th of July! Summer is a busy time for everyone–vacations, visiting amusement parks, family reunions, and the list goes on. However, if you are considering enrolling your child in piano lessons in the coming school year, it’s always good to think ahead. Here are some of the benefits of taking piano lessons during the summer.

It guarantees a time slot for your child before the instructor’s schedule fills up. When the school year begins, the instructor’s schedule starts getting more and more busy. Reserving your lesson time in advance is always a good idea. Also, if you have a particular day and time you prefer, it’s best to reserve that time before the school year begins. That way you can work your child’s lessons around any other extracurricular activities you’re involved in.

When your child begins piano lessons in the summer, they can develop a consistent practice routine before school starts. The start of the school year can be a very hectic time. As students’ homework assignments build up, it can be difficult to find time to practice a new instrument. However, if the student takes summer lessons, they have the chance to set in place a practice routine that they can smoothly carry over into the school year.

For returning piano students, taking summer lessons ensures that they do not forget what they learned the previous school year. When students take a summer break from their piano lessons, they tend to forget much of what the instructor taught them during the school year. Because of that, they have to play catch-up in September and review several concepts. Their practice habits can also suffer. If a student takes lessons through the summer–even if they’re absent part of the time for vacations–these problems do not occur.

These factors make summer lessons a smart move for every family. Summertime is a busy season for everyone–but if you make time for music lessons, it will be a good choice in the long run. Enjoy your summer, and happy playing!


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