Signing Up for Lessons

Thank you for your interest in piano lessons! Here is the basic information you need to know in order to sign up for lessons with me.


Tuition rates:

-20 minute weekly lessons–$60/month

-30 minute weekly lessons–$8o/month

-45 minute weekly lessons–$120/month

-60 minute  weekly lessons–$160/month

Materials fee (covers cost of all books, copies, and recital costs): $5/month

Travel fee: $5/month minimum (increases depending on your distance from me)

Total for 30-minute weekly lessons: $90 per month


Your first lesson is free. I offer a trial lesson for free so that prospective students can decide if they’d like to enroll.

Availability and Scheduling

When I schedule a new student for weekly lessons, I take into account several things: the distance to the student’s house, travel time from the previous student’s house to the next student’s house, and other factors. Your lesson may be scheduled for 3 pm, but it could also be scheduled for a time like 3:10 or 3:15 pm, based on travel time for me as the teacher. I will be straightforward and specific about the lesson time when scheduling the lesson with the parents.

How the Lessons Work

I teach lessons exclusively in students’ homes. In a typical 30-minute lesson, we will go over the student’s songs, music theory homework, and do fun exercises to reinforce the student’s musical growth. We will also play musical games that involve rhythm and music listening. I write down the student’s weekly assignments in a notebook for the student, provide any incentives the student has earned, and conclude the lesson.

If if you have more questions for me, feel free to contact me at 813-370-9529 or


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