Now Accepting Students in Zephyrhills, Dade City

I am now accepting students in Zephyrhills, Dade City, and St. Leo! If you are excited to begin piano lessons and you live in this area, please contact me for available lesson times.

Some age groups I love to teach:

  • Adult students–we can explore any genre of music you are interested in, from 60s and 70s rock, to folk music, to Broadway tunes! I teach from the Alfred Adult lesson book, provide a solid theory curriculum, and strive to tailor my lessons to each adult’s tastes.
  • Grade school students–this is an excellent time to start lessons. We learn exciting songs, work from a theory curriculum, and use musical games and rewards to make lessons fun and educational.
  • Middle school/high school students–as student get older, they become more individual, and their musical preferences change too. To go along with this, I am happy to teach rock, pop, movie soundtracks, video game soundtracks, and any other genre each student prefers. I work from a lesson book and theory book as well to keep the lessons educationally grounded. My middle school and high school students have a lot of fun exploring their new musical tastes!

If these teaching styles match what you are looking for, please contact me at 504-944-9720 or Have a wonderful day!


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