Piano for Preschoolers

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in music. Piano lessons have many learning benefits for preschoolers. Your child can develop greater skills in math, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination through piano lessons! Beyond that, piano lessons encourage self-expression and confidence. Your child’s self-esteem will skyrocket as she learns and applies new musical concepts.

To give each child a one-on-one experience, I teach private piano lessons. This is a personal touch that cannot be duplicated in large music classes.

Here are the benefits of my teaching program:

  • I know you are very busy–so I come to you! The lessons take place at the student’s home.
  • If you do not have a piano, your child can still begin lessons. I can provide a keyboard for your child’s first few lessons as needed.
  • My curriculum uses games and incentives to teach musical concepts. To engage my preschool students, I use rhythm games and music listening games to reinforce concepts. Each student receives stickers, candy, and prizes as rewards for excellent work!
  • I use an exciting, kid-friendly music book that makes students smile. The book has fun animal characters, coloring pages to reinforce what’s taught, and age-appropriate songs to learn.


WHEN YOU SIGN UP, YOUR FIRST 2 WEEKS ARE FREE!  If your child is excited and wants to continue, we can set up weekly lessons. Contact me at 504-944-9720 orstephaniemartinpianist@yahoo.com to get started. Thanks and have a wonderful day!